Outsourcing FAQ

Question: The offshore rates are lower but can I get the same levels of efficiencies that I can expect by utilizing in country resources?
Our program managers have extensive experience working as project managers for offshore projects in the US. Using a combination of project planning and management skills and the ability to utilize the right people, skills and tools for the right job we have set records of managing and executing offshore projects that not only met the expected efficiency levels but surpassed them.
Question: Will the company understand my business and business processes as well as be able to provide the technology needed to enable these business processes?
Answer: Our company has people with domain expertise in diverse areas such as Oil and Gas, Energy, Finanace, Trading, Telecom, Agriculture and Manufacturing. Texcelvision's management believes that such knowledge is essential to any project's success. Contact us for more details and information on our domain experience
Question: Will the company share my objectives and goals and be willing to work collaboratively?
Our unique business model involves working with clients "at cost" with a reward structure closely tied with project success criteria. We at Texcelvision believe strongly in creating a win-win situation.
Question: How can I ensure that outsourcing does not result in projects delays and cost overruns?
Managing Expectations, effective communications, project planning and management skills are the core attributes of our Program Managers. These Program Managers in similar time zones as the client work closely with the client to ensure that any surprises are kept to a bare minimum. Contact us for more information on our project management methodology.
Question: How can I get the experience levels available with the big consulting firms and the personal attention offered by smaller companies?
Program Managers based in the US with more than ten years of industry experience are the primary point of contact. The project plans incorporate frequent reviews and progress update meetings held by the program managers. Contact us for more information on our project management methodology.

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